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Thailand:  Suchanee Cloitre conviction over Twitter post overturned in Thammakaset saga

October 28, 2020

Thailand:  End harassment of Suchanee Cloitre, human rights defenders

October 26, 2020

Thailand:  Release all pro-democracy activists, end crackdown on peaceful dissent and independent media

October 23, 2020

Thailand:  End crackdown on peaceful pro-democracy activists lift emergency decree

October 16, 2020

Thailand:  Death threats against Mr. Lertsak Kumkongsak

September 25, 2020

Thailand:  Arbitrary arrest and harassment of pro-democracy activists must stop

August 26, 2020

Thailand:  Arbitrary detention of Messrs. Anon Nampa and Panupong Chadnok, aka Mike

August 7, 2020

Thailand:  Acquittal and continuing judicial harassment of Mr. Andy Hall

July 23, 2020

Thailand:  Dismissal of the cases against Mr. Nan Win and Ms. Sutharee Wannasiri

June 9, 2020

Thailand:  Judicial harassment against Ms. Thanaporn Saleephol

April 21, 2020

Thailand:  End judicial harassment of human rights defenders, repeal criminal defamation laws

March 30, 2020

Thailand:  Judicial harassment against member of NGO Fortify Rights Ms. Puttanee Kangkun in relation to social media publications

February 14, 2020

Thailand:  Judicial harassment against former Voice TV reporter Ms. Suchanee Cloitre

December 27, 2019

Thailand:  Judicial harassment former commissioner of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand Ms. Angkhana Neelapaijit

November 27, 2019

Thailand:  Acquittal of seven human rights defenders

September 20, 2019