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Tunisia:  Tunisia: LTDH's trial advanced to November 12, 2005

November 10, 2005

Tunisia:  Tunisia: Violent repression of a peaceful demonstration in support for hunger strikers

November 9, 2005

Tunisia:  Tunisia: Harassment against Mr. Hédi Menai

October 25, 2005

Tunisia:  Tunisia: New acts of harassment against LTDH

October 6, 2005

Tunisia:  Tunisia: Legal order cancels LTDH's Congress

September 6, 2005

Tunisia:  Tunisia: Attack and threats against Mr. Ben Khémaiss of CNLT/ Restrictions on freedom of assembly

September 5, 2005

Tunisia:  Tunisia: Postponement of the hearing in the trial against LTDH

September 2, 2005

Tunisia:  Tunisia: Press release: LTDH summoned to appear before the court

September 1, 2005

Tunisia: Closure of AMT and harassment of its members

September 1, 2005

Tunisia:  Tunisia: LTDH's congress under threat

August 29, 2005

Tunisia:  Tunisia: Harassment of the trade union SJT and of Mr. Lotfi Hajji

August 25, 2005

Tunisia:  Tunisia: Defamation campaign against Mrs Sihem Bensedrine

June 1, 2005

Tunisia:  Tunisia: intimidation campaign against lawyers

May 6, 2005

Tunisia:  Tunisia : Detention of Mr. Mohammed Abou and attacks against his lawyers

March 17, 2005

Tunisia:  Tunisia: Tunisian Human Rights NGOs Repressed on the Eve of PrepCom 2 of the WSIS

February 15, 2005