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Tunisia:  Intimidation acts agains Ms. Najet Laabidi

November 15, 2011

Tunisia:  The granting of an allocation of radio frequency to Radio Kalima would be a positive signal of the transitional authorities regarding freedom of expression in Tunisia

June 29, 2011

Tunisia:  Breaking and entering into Mr. Khemais Ksila's house

May 16, 2011

Tunisia:  Acquittal of a defender of the population of the mining area of Gafsa

May 4, 2011

Tunisia:  Harassment against a cyber activist

April 15, 2011

Tunisia:  Release of the prisoners of conscience Fahem Boukaddous and Hassan Ben Abdallah

January 20, 2011

Tunisia:  Multiplication of acts of intimidation and arrests of lawyers denouncing the repression of the movement of social unrest

January 13, 2011