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Turkey:  Judicial harassment of Ms. Nurcan Baysal

April 2, 2020

Turkey:  Joint Statement: Human rights defender Mehmet Raci Bilici unfairly convicted

March 23, 2020

Turkey:  Continuing judicial harassment of 13 prominent human rights lawyers - in flagrant misuse of anti-terrorist legislation

March 20, 2020

Turkey:  Ongoing judicial harassment against Dr. Serdar Küni, a physician and Cizre Representative of the T?HV

March 18, 2020

Turkey:  No Justification for disproportionate use of force against peaceful women’s rights march

March 13, 2020

Turkey:  Arbitrary detention of 13 prominent human rights lawyers from Diyarbak?r, Urfa and ??rnak

March 13, 2020

Turkey:  Statement: Gezi Park defenders acquitted - Osman Kavala faces new charges

February 28, 2020

Turkey:  Arbitrary arrest and judicial harassment of Ms. Gülseren Yoleri, Istanbul Branch President of the Human Rights Association (?HD)

February 13, 2020

Turkey:  Continuing judicial harassment of human rights lawyer Ms. Eren Keskin

January 20, 2020

Turkey:  Women’s Rights Defenders in the Crosshairs

December 20, 2019

Turkey:  Ongoing judicial harassment of Mr. Taner K?l?ç and the “Istanbul 10”

December 10, 2019

Turkey:  Continuing judicial harassment and obstacle to freedom of movement of Mr. Tuna Alt?nel

December 9, 2019

Turkey:  Harassment of several individuals and groups as a reprisal for their calls for peace and the respect of human rights in the context of the “Operation Peace Spring”

October 25, 2019

Turkey:  Acquittal of Ms. Sebnem Korur Fincanci, Mr. Erol Onderoglu and Mr. Ahmet Nesin

July 18, 2019

Turkey:  Acquittal of Ms. ?ebnem Korur Fincanc?, Mr. Erol Öndero?lu and Mr. Ahmet Nesin

July 1, 2019