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Turkey:  Heavy Penal Court due to issue a fourth verdict on January 24, 2013 against Pinar Selek

December 21, 2012

Turkey:  Judicial harassment of Pinar Selek continues as Istanbul Heavy Penal Court decides to amend her acquittal and request her conviction

November 27, 2012

Turkey:  The judicial harassment of Pinar Selek must end

November 20, 2012

Turkey:  Open Letter to the President and Prime Minister of Turkey

November 20, 2012

Turkey:  Arbitrary arrest of Mr. Ali Tanriverdi

September 25, 2012

Turkey:  after release, judicial harassment against Ms. Ersanli and Mr. Zarakolu continues

July 16, 2012

Turkey:  Trial against 46 lawyers under terrorism charges is due to open on July 16: concern expressed to the UN

July 13, 2012

Turkey:  Confirmed Pre-trial Detention of Defender Osman Isci and 27 trade union members

June 29, 2012

Turkey:  Arrest of human rights defender Osman Isci

June 26, 2012

Turkey:  release of Ms. Roza Erdere but two other human rights defenders still detained

June 7, 2012

Turkey:  Human Rights Defenders, guilty until proven innocent

June 5, 2012

Turkey:  Release on bail of Mr. Ragip Zarakolu / Ongoing arbitrary detention of Ms. Büsra Ersanli

April 11, 2012

Turkey:  Judicial harassment of Pinar Selek to continue after 14 years

March 22, 2012

Turkey:  Provisional release of Messrs. Cemal Babaoglu, Halit Sahin, Yasin Öztürkoglu, Müslüm Kina, Hikmet Evin, Adil Arslan and Adile Sahin

January 17, 2012

Turkey:  Police raid of NGOs offices in Diyarbakir

January 16, 2012