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Zimbabwe:  Release on bail of Mr. Farai Maguwu

July 15, 2010

Zimbabwe:  Ongoing arbitrary detention of Mr. Farai Maguwu

July 5, 2010

Zimbabwe:  judicial harassment faced by Mr. Farai Maguwu

June 22, 2010

Zimbabwe:  Judicial harassment against Ms. Ellen Chademana and Mr. Ignatius Muhambi

May 28, 2010

Zimbabwe:  Ongoing judicial harassment of ZIMRIGHTS members

April 27, 2010

Zimbabwe:  Continuing acts of harassment and intimidation faced by WOZA members

April 23, 2010

Zimbabwe:  Arbitrary arrest and subsequent release of Mr. Okay Machisa

March 24, 2010

Zimbabwe:  New threats received by Messrs. Okay Machisa, Nunurai Jena, Netsai Kaitano and Jabilusa Tshuma

March 3, 2010

Zimbabwe:  Threats against Mr. Okay Machisa

February 19, 2010