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Special Procedures Seminar Report 2008

June 27, 2008  |   Economic, Social and Cultural Rights  |  Events  |  Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Congo, India, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Mozambique, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Thailand, Uganda

India:  Lack of investigation into the gang rape of two women in West Bengal

June 13, 2008  |   Violence against women  |  Urgent Interventions

India:  Acts of harassment against MASUM and its director

June 12, 2008  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Urgent Interventions

India:  Judicial harassment against Messrs. Henri Tiphagne, S. Martin, G. Ganesan and Prabakar

June 6, 2008  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Urgent Interventions

India:  Severe human rights violations in Nandigram

June 6, 2008  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Urgent Interventions