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Nicaragua:  Meet Vilma: Still not ready to stop fighting against torture in Nicaragua

December 7, 2015  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Nicaragua

Libya:  Meet Salah: Keeping hope for redress in the absence of a State, amid a civil war

December 5, 2015  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Libya

Bolivia:  Meet Emma Bolshia who helps Bolivian victims recover from torture and its second trauma, silence

December 4, 2015  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Bolivia

Tajikistan:  Meet Nigina: Towards a functioning system that leaves no room for torture

December 3, 2015  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Tajikistan

Congo, Democratic Republic:  Meet Justin Bahirwe: A lawyer trying to reduce Congolese’s exposure to the pervasive risk of torture

December 2, 2015  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Congo, Democratic Republic

Afghanistan:  Meet Hassan Ali: Promoting human rights in Afghanistan for the sake of humanity

December 1, 2015  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Afghanistan

Russian Federation:  Olga and the paradox of fighting torture: Revealing legal dysfunctionality, building trust

December 1, 2015  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Russian Federation

Turkey:  Meet Yavuz from Turkey: A life after torture spent helping other survivors

November 30, 2015  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Turkey

Pledge your voice, an action, or funds and help us support 10 HRD continue their fight against torture

November 27, 2015  |   Human Rights Defenders

Financial support to strengthen and sustain sensitive initiatives by local human rights organisations

October 1, 2015  |   Human Rights Defenders

Emergency material support to human rights defenders at risk

October 1, 2015  |   Human Rights Defenders

OMCT Assistance to victims of torture - Form for assistance

February 22, 2015  |   Assistance to victims

Switzerland:  Coordinateur (trice) de projet

May 30, 2012  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Switzerland

December 22, 2011

24.10.2011, Press conference, UN - New York: The Observatory publishes its 2011 Annual Report

October 27, 2011  |   Human Rights Defenders