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OMCT E-Bulletin: 49th session of the Committee against Torture - November 2012

December 10, 2012  |  Reports and Publications

South Africa:  OMCT calls for the effective implementation of the decision of the Human Rights Committee for acts of torture and other forms of ill-treatment

November 26, 2012  |  Statements  |  South Africa

Togo:  Not to torture is a negative obligation

November 14, 2012  |  Statements  |  Togo

Mexico:  The UN Committee Against Torture condemns the practice of torture in Mexico

October 31, 2012  |  Statements  |  Mexico

Launch of a new initiative on media empowerment and torture

October 29, 2012  |  Statements

Mexico:  Submission of three alternative reports to the Committee against Torture (CAT)

October 29, 2012  |  Reports and Publications  |  Mexico

Togo:  OMCT, ACAT Togo, CACIT, FIACAT submit a joint alternative report to the Committee Against Torture

October 26, 2012  |  Reports and Publications  |  Togo

Philippines:  UN Human Rights Committee review revealed “several areas of deficit” in the Philippine human rights records

October 17, 2012  |  Statements  |  Philippines

Nicaragua:  Follow-up report to Concluding Observations of the Committee Against Torture

September 24, 2012  |  Reports and Publications  |  Nicaragua

Extrajudicial executions: Former chief of the National Police of Guatemala arrested in Geneva

August 31, 2012  |  Statements  |  Guatemala, Switzerland

Greece:  UN body ruling: Greece failed to provide effective remedy to Roma for ill-treatment and discrimination

August 20, 2012  |  Statements  |  Greece

Mexico:  UN CEDAW Committee reviews Atenco case

July 20, 2012  |  Statements  |  Mexico

Kenya:  Submission of a Joint Alternative Report to the UN Human Rights Committee

July 16, 2012  |  Reports and Publications  |  Kenya

Mexico:  6 years of impunity for sexual torture against women in Atenco

June 27, 2012  |  Reports and Publications  |  Mexico

Webcast of the 48th session of the Committee against torture (CAT)

May 13, 2012  |  Events