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Switzerland:  Letter to CNPT: Serious concern about the conditions of detention of Ms. Nekane Txapartegi

June 15, 2017  |   Monitoring Protection Mechanisms, Urgent campaigns  |  Urgent Interventions

Switzerland:  Authorities should not authorize extradition of Ms. Nekane Txapartegi to Spain

August 12, 2016  |   Monitoring Protection Mechanisms, Urgent campaigns  |  Urgent Interventions

Switzerland:  Shadow Report on Switzerland

July 31, 2015  |  Reports and Publications

Switzerland:  Communiqué de presse - Journée internationale de soutien aux victimes de la torture : La lutte contre la torture est aussi valable en Suisse

June 26, 2015  |  Statements

Extrajudicial executions: Former chief of the National Police of Guatemala arrested in Geneva

August 31, 2012  |  Statements  |  Guatemala, Switzerland

Switzerland:  La Convention internationale contre les disparitions forcées entre en vigueur La Suisse, elle, se décide enfin à la signer… à son rythme

December 23, 2010  |  Statements

Switzerland:  Switzerland criticized once again by the UN: article 50 of the Aliens Act must be modified

November 23, 2010  |   Monitoring Protection Mechanisms, Violence against women  |  Statements

Switzerland:  statement united over Switzerland and June 26, 2005 (French and German)

June 24, 2005  |  Urgent Interventions

Switzerland:  Committee Against Torture: 34th session from May 2nd to 21st 2005 in Geneva

May 2, 2005  |  Events

Switzerland:  Switzerland : A very restrictive asylum policy

April 18, 2005  |  Reports and Publications

Switzerland:  Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination : 66th session from February 21st to March 11th 2005 in Geneva

December 1, 2004  |  Events

Switzerland:  Human Rights Committee : 82nd session from October 18th to November 5th 2004 in Geneva

November 5, 2004  |  Events

Switzerland:  Press Release - Switzerland : OMCT welcomes the recent CERD's concluding observations

April 5, 2002  |  Urgent Interventions