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Cambodia:  Cambodian Civil Society Faces Intensified Restrictions and Rights Abuses

July 9, 2020  |   Human Rights Defenders

Cambodia:  Freedoms of expression, association and assembly: A shrinking space

September 2, 2010  |   Human Rights Defenders

Cambodia:  International fact-finding mission report: Defending Economic and Social Rights in Cambodia: A High-Risk Activity

February 20, 2008  |   Human Rights Defenders

Special Procedures: joint reports

March 14, 2004  |   Monitoring Protection Mechanisms  |  Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Occupied Palestinian Territory

Cambodia:  Special Procedures: Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights - Torture in police custody in Cambodia

May 18, 2003  |   Monitoring Protection Mechanisms

Cambodia: CAT

April 30, 2003  |   Monitoring Protection Mechanisms