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Iran:  the end of the death penalty for juveniles ?

October 17, 2008  |   Rights of the Child, Urgent campaigns  |  Urgent Interventions

Iran:  Joint press release and conference - 08-07-2008 - Iran: Imminent executions of 4 youths

July 8, 2008  |  Urgent Interventions

Iran:  End Child Death Penalty in Iran

August 11, 2005  |  Urgent Interventions

Iran:  Iran: an increase in reports of serious human rights violations, including mass arbitrary arrests, amputations and public floggings and executions

August 29, 2002  |  Urgent Interventions

Iran:  Iran: 17 year-old boy accused of spying for Israel has been acquitted

July 10, 2000  |  Urgent Interventions

Iran:  Iran: trial of child who could face the death penalty

April 12, 2000  |  Urgent Interventions