Rights of the child

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Russian Federation:  Russia: threats and intimidation used against a young victim of torture as he tries to bring those responsible to justice

December 3, 2002  |  Russian Federation

Chile:  Chile: a Mapuche child killed in a confrontation with police in Temuco

November 15, 2002  |  Chile

Yougoslavia, Federal Rep.of:  Yougoslavia: Two Roma children severly ill-treated by two police inspectors

November 14, 2002  |  Yougoslavia, Federal Rep.of

Guatemala:  Guatemala: premeditated looking murder of a street child in Guatemala-City.

November 7, 2002  |  Guatemala

Russian Federation:  Russia: two adolescents sentenced to eight years of prison on confession obtained under torture

October 25, 2002  |  Russian Federation

Sri Lanka:  Sri Lanka: 17 year-old boy arbitrarily arrested and tortured

October 23, 2002  |  Sri Lanka

Guatemala:  Guatemala: six street children and youths have been wounded after a drive-by shooting

October 17, 2002  |  Guatemala

Russian Federation:  Russia: Investigation launched regarding ill treatment and torture of two adolescents

October 11, 2002  |  Russian Federation

Honduras:  Honduras: new police unit to investigate the killing of children and youths

September 17, 2002  |  Honduras

Russian Federation:  Russia: Cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and torture of two children

September 5, 2002  |  Russian Federation

Indonesia:  Indonesia: a former child soldier arbitrarily executed

September 3, 2002  |  Indonesia

Iran:  Iran: an increase in reports of serious human rights violations, including mass arbitrary arrests, amputations and public floggings and executions

August 29, 2002  |  Iran

Spain:  Spain: punishment cell in a child care centre of Melilla

August 21, 2002  |  Spain

Nepal:  Nepal: two boys subjected to torture and ill-treatment

August 7, 2002  |  Nepal

Yougoslavia, Federal Rep.of:  Yugoslavia: Police denies ill-treatment of three children

July 24, 2002  |  Yougoslavia, Federal Rep.of