Rights of the child

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Philippines:  Philippines: Torture, attempted execution and detention without trial of a 16-year-old boy

December 22, 2003  |  Philippines

India:  India: Torture of 13-year-old boy

December 15, 2003  |  India

Israel:  Israel: torture and ill-treatment of child detainees

December 10, 2003  |  Israel

Peru:  Peru: Brutal repression of demonstration of working children

December 3, 2003  |  Peru

Nepal:  Nepal: 17 year old torture victim reported missing

December 2, 2003  |  Nepal

Philippines:  Philippines : Unlawful killing of two children

November 12, 2003  |  Philippines

Sri Lanka: Severe torture of a 16 year old boy

November 7, 2003  |  Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: family of child torture victim forced to flee due to police threats

November 7, 2003  |  Sri Lanka

Sudan:  Sudan: a 16-year-old child sentenced to "cross-amputation"

October 23, 2003  |  Sudan

Venezuela:  Venezuela: More information about intimidation of minors (Pico Gutiérrez Family)

October 17, 2003  |  Venezuela

Venezuela:  Venezuela: Arbitrary detention/ill-treatment/intimidation of minors

October 14, 2003  |  Venezuela

Greece:  Greece: arbitrary detention of unaccompanied minors seeking asylum continues

October 13, 2003  |  Greece

Philippines:  Philippines: Arbitrary shooting, arrest and detention of two youths

October 9, 2003  |  Philippines

Press release: OMCT reports on violence against children in Bangladesh, Georgia, Madagascar and Pakistan

October 2, 2003

Sri Lanka:  Sri Lanka: Continuing threats against family of child torture victim

September 26, 2003  |  Sri Lanka