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Spain:  La tortura sigue siendo un tabú que obstaculiza su investigación y perpetua la impunidad

June 26, 2020  |   Monitoring Protection Mechanisms  |  Spain

United Arab Emirates:  UAE must be held accountable for torture and ill-treatment of human rights defenders and activists

June 26, 2020  |   Press Releases  |  United Arab Emirates

Turkey:  Pushing the re-set button: Ten benchmarks for a zero-tolerance policy on torture in Turkey

June 26, 2020  |   Monitoring Protection Mechanisms  |  Turkey

Bangladesh:  Government must end torture and fully implement recommendations made by the UN Committee against Torture

June 25, 2020  |  Bangladesh

Belarus:  Civic Solidarity Platform Statement: Presidential Campaign 2020 in Belarus - Violence, Threats, Detentions

June 22, 2020  |  Belarus

World refugee day: World leaders should end discrimination and show more solidarity towards asylum seekers, refugees and migrants

June 19, 2020  |   Press Releases

COVID-19 restrictions cannot set new precedents for civil society participation at the UN

June 16, 2020

European Union (EU):  Fundamental Rights in the EU: Put our money where our mouth is

June 11, 2020  |   Monitoring Protection Mechanisms  |  European Union (EU)

Covid-19 in Central Asia: no alibi to violate human rights

June 10, 2020  |   Press Releases  |  Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

Togo:  Release of detained children linked to Covid-19 must be followed by further urgent measures

June 10, 2020  |   Press Releases  |  Togo

United States:  Open Letter to UN Human Rights Council to Convene a Special Session on Police Violence in the USA

June 9, 2020  |  United States

United States:  Was George Floyd tortured to death? Urgent measures are needed to prevent lasting damage to human rights and democracy

June 5, 2020  |  United States

Philippines:  New Anti-Terrorism Law Undermines Safeguards Against Arbitrary Detention and Torture

June 4, 2020  |  Philippines

HRC44: Statement on the Impact that Violence has on Children’s Mental Health

June 2, 2020  |   Rights of the Child

Covid-19: Experts across Asia call for urgent measures to stop alarming increase in violence against women

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May 29, 2020  |   Press Releases