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Chile:  Fear for the safety and physical safety of five Mapuche

December 18, 2007  |  Urgent Interventions

Chile:  OMCT is preoccupied for the personal integrity of seven mapuche leaders prisoners in hunger strike

October 30, 2007  |  Urgent Interventions

Chile:  Concerns of OMCT for the personal integrity of Mr. Wailkilaf Cadin Calfunao

August 22, 2007  |  Urgent Interventions

Chile:  OMCT and OPCION urge Chile to fully implement the Convention on the Rights of the Child

February 12, 2007  |   Rights of the Child, Urgent campaigns  |  Urgent Interventions

Chile:  “Dry” hunger strike, preoccupation for Waikilaf Cadin’s personal integrity

January 23, 2007  |  Urgent Interventions

Chile:  Mr. Waikilaf Manuel Cadi Calfunao - Authorities have to guarantee respect for due process

January 23, 2007  |  Urgent Interventions