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Mexico:  Mexico: Grave homophobic harassment against a professor in Ecatepec_Fear for personal integrity

May 20, 2009  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  Mexico: Harrassment of a torture victim

May 19, 2009  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  Follow-up of case MEX 240409_Risk of imprisonment and concerns in Chiapas

May 7, 2009  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  Threats and harassment against families of victims of torture in Oaxaca_Fear for safety and personal integrity

May 7, 2009  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  seria preocupación por integridad personal y por situación jurídica de arraigados en Chiapa de Corzo_Chiapas

April 24, 2009  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  seguimiento_preocupación por arraigo de los Sres. Eric Bautista_Pedro López_Genaro Gómez_Ramiro Hernández y Marcelino Ruiz en Chiapas.

April 22, 2009  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  Fear of an enforced disappearance in Tuxtla Gutiérrez in Chiapas

April 8, 2009  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  Allegations of torture and ill-treatment_Fear for safety and personal integrity

March 11, 2009  |   Human Rights Defenders, Urgent campaigns  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  Follow-up of case MEX 070807_Release of four individuals in Chiapas

February 25, 2009  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  Follow-up of case MEX 101002_Release of Antonion and Héctor Cerezo Contreras

February 17, 2009  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  Follow-up case MEX 220109_Death of disappeared Mr. Luis Eduardo Cisneros Zárate_Risk of impunity

February 13, 2009  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  Possible enforced disappareance of professor Luis Eduardo Cisnero Zárate

January 22, 2009  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  Forced transfer of detainee victim of torture in Chiapas

January 8, 2009  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  Assassination and beating of indigenous chatinos_harassment against Communauty in Oaxaca

December 23, 2008  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  Follow-up of case MEX 111208_Whereabouts located_Allegations of torture and ill-treatment

December 19, 2008  |  Urgent Interventions