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Congo, Democratic Republic:  D.R. Congo: risk of execution of a woman and her five year old child by the military authorites of the RCD

February 22, 2001  |  Congo, Democratic Republic

Bangladesh:  Bangladesh: Tipu Sultan, journalist, beaten

February 22, 2001  |  Bangladesh

Turkey:  Turkey: disappearance of 2 HADEP members

February 15, 2001  |  Turkey

Bahrain:  Bahrain: release of 4 political prisoners

February 12, 2001  |  Bahrain

Congo:  Congo-Brazzaville: alleged arbitrary arrest of 19 asylum seekers in Brazzaville

February 9, 2001  |  Congo

Sudan:  Sudan: jailing of two journalists

February 7, 2001  |  Sudan

Sudan:  Sudan: government resumes amputation as punishment

February 5, 2001  |  Sudan

Congo, Democratic Republic:  D.R. Congo: arrest of Mr Kamwanya Bora Uzima

February 2, 2001  |  Congo, Democratic Republic