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Indonesia: Open Letter on forcible evictions

December 29, 2003  |  Indonesia

Ecuador:  Equator: death threats against representative Luis Villacís Maldonado

December 29, 2003  |  Ecuador

Colombia:  Colombia: desappearances in Medellín and Parque Tayrona.

December 16, 2003  |  Colombia

Tunisia:   Tunisia : barrister Radhia Nasraoui ends her hunger strike

December 11, 2003  |  Tunisia

Colombia:  Colombia: crimes against indigenous communities of Arhuacos and Pijaos

December 9, 2003  |  Colombia

Mexico:  Mexico: a witness and torture victim murdered in Atoyac de Alvarez.

December 5, 2003  |  Mexico

Honduras:  Honduras: journalist Germán Antonio Rivas assassinated

December 4, 2003  |  Honduras

Greece:  Greece - Press Release: acquittal of a policeman who killed an Albanian man

December 4, 2003  |  Greece

Venezuela:  Venezuela: seven dead after violence in Ciudad Bolívar jail

December 1, 2003  |  Venezuela

Philippines: torture and extra-judicial executions by the Army

November 28, 2003

Nepal:  Nepal: arbitrary arrests and recurrent torture of two youths in Kathmandu

November 28, 2003  |  Nepal

Nepal:  Nepal: failure of the army to bring killer to justice

November 27, 2003  |  Nepal

Colombia:  Colombia: severe violations of human rights in Arauca Department

November 20, 2003  |  Colombia

Israel:  Israel: the continuing impunity of killers of two Israeli citizens

November 20, 2003  |  Israel

Malaysia:  Malaysia: detention under the ISA of 13 students

November 19, 2003  |  Malaysia