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Russian Federation:  Russia - Chechnya: torture of two brothers

January 30, 2004  |  Russian Federation

Malaysia:  Malaysia: arrest and risk of corporal punishment or deportation of forty Acehnese asylum seekers

January 30, 2004  |  Malaysia

Sri Lanka:  Sri Lanka: arbitrary arrest and torture of Mr. Jayasekara Vithanage Saman Priyankara

January 27, 2004  |  Sri Lanka

Colombia: Forced disappearances en Cantagallo and Medellín

January 27, 2004  |  Colombia

Mexico: Mr. Eduardo Hernández Sánchez tortured and detained in Chiapas

January 26, 2004  |  Mexico

Nepal: forced disappearances and extra-judicial executions

January 26, 2004  |   Rights of the Child, Urgent campaigns  |  Nepal

Sudan:  Sudan: 14 persons sentenced to death and one to cross-amputation

January 23, 2004  |  Sudan

Mexico:  Mexico: torture and ill-treatment of five detainees in Atoyac de Alvarez

January 21, 2004  |  Mexico

Sudan: ill-treatment and torture of 3 members of the Zaghawa tribe in Nyala, Darfur

January 21, 2004  |  Sudan

Colombia: serious human rights violations in north east Antioquia

January 20, 2004

Egypt:  Egypt: death as a result of torture of Mohamed As-Sayed Nagem

January 19, 2004  |  Egypt

Sri Lanka:  Sri Lanka: severe beatings of two persons by the police

January 15, 2004  |  Sri Lanka

Colombia: peasants in Arenal, in South Bolivar, victims of severe violations

January 15, 2004  |  Colombia

Sudan:  Sudan: incommunicado detention and risk of torture for 6 persons from the Fur and Zaghawa tribes

January 7, 2004  |  Sudan