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Chile:  Follow-up to case CHL 180806 - absence of trial and legal guarantees in the case of mapuche Waikilaf Cadin Calfunao

December 22, 2006  |  Chile

Congo, Democratic Republic:  wave of arbitrary arrest and detention y acts of torture

December 22, 2006  |  Congo, Democratic Republic

Congo, Democratic Republic:  Follow-up of case COD 061006/ COD 061006.EE - Release of the remaining 182 adultes and impunity

December 21, 2006  |   Rights of the Child, Urgent campaigns  |  Congo, Democratic Republic

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya:  Follow-up of case LBY 280901 - Libyan court sentences to death the five Bulgarian nurses and one Palestinian doctor

December 20, 2006  |  Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Colombia:  Murder and Torture of Trans Persons in Cali

December 19, 2006  |   Urgent campaigns, Violence against women  |  Colombia

China:  Follow up: sentencing of three petitioners to prison terms

December 19, 2006  |  China

Burundi:  arbitrary arrest and detention of three journalists

December 8, 2006  |  Burundi

Colombia:  Arbitrary executions, including of children in the Tolima region

December 4, 2006  |   Rights of the Child, Urgent campaigns  |  Colombia

Mexico:  Excessive use of force by the police in Oaxaca: Deaths, arbitrary arrests and detention, ill-treatment

December 1, 2006  |   Urgent campaigns, Violence against women  |  Mexico

Mexico:  México: Comité contra la Tortura de la ONU cuestiona severamente al gobierno

November 30, 2006  |  Mexico

Burundi:  Burundi: Les ONG dénoncent devant les Nations Unies la pratique de la torture et appellent au changement

November 30, 2006  |  Burundi

Turkey:  a Human Right lawyer sentenced to 30 months in prison

November 29, 2006  |   Human Rights Defenders, Urgent campaigns  |  Turkey

Colombia:  Rape / Death threats, harassment and intimidation of the victim

November 28, 2006  |   Urgent campaigns, Violence against women  |  Colombia

Congo, Democratic Republic:  arbitrary arrest and detention of Marie Thérèse Nlandu Mpolo-Nene

November 27, 2006  |  Congo, Democratic Republic

Mexico:  Armed attack, forced disappearances in Viejo Velasco, Chiapas

November 24, 2006  |  Mexico