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Algeria:  Follow-up of case DZA 100807, DZA 100807.1 and DZA 100807.2_ Whereabouts of Mr. Mohamed Fatmia located

December 3, 2007

Algeria:  Follow-up of cases DZA 170807 and DZA 170807.1_ Mr. Mohamed Rahmouni still remains disappeared. Family harassed

November 29, 2007

Algeria:  Follow up of case DZA 100807_M. Fethi Hamaddouche has been localised and released

November 14, 2007

Algeria:  Mr. Mohamed Fatmia remains disappeared since his arbitrary arrest on 6 June 2007

October 31, 2007

Algeria:  M. Mohamed Rahmouni remains disappeared

October 30, 2007

Algeria:  Forced disappearance of Mr. Mohamed Rahmouni

August 17, 2007

Algeria:  Arbitrary arrests and forced disappearances

August 10, 2007

Algeria:  Mr. Mohamed Boucekkin has been located but remains detained

July 5, 2007

Algeria:  Arbitrary arrest and secret detention of Mr. Mohamed Boucekkine

June 20, 2007

Algeria:  Follow-up of case DZA 200407_Mr. Abdelaziz Zoubida was located

May 3, 2007

Algeria:  Arbitrary arrest and disappearance of Mr. Abdelaziz Zoubida

April 20, 2007

Algeria:  Hunger strike of 93 detainees to denounce their prison's conditions

March 9, 2007

Algeria:  Abderrahmane Mehalli victim of torture during secret detention

January 24, 2007