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Greece:  Press Release - Illegal deportation of asylum seekers from Greece to Turkey and fear of further deportation to Iraq

December 7, 2001

Greece:  Greece: continuing detention of 12 British and 2 Dutch plane spotters charged of espionage

November 30, 2001

Greece:  Greece : arbitrary arrest and detention of tourists

November 26, 2001

Greece:  Greece: acquittal of policeman tried for beating two Roma youths

October 11, 2001

Greece:  Press Release: OMCT expresses its concern about the trial of policemen accused of beating two Romas in Greece

October 8, 2001

Greece:  Greece: arbitrary arrest, detention and torture of Romas

September 20, 2001

Greece:  Greece: illegal detention and ill-treatment of migrants any asylum-seekers without legal documents

September 18, 2001

Turkey: arbitrary detention and forced deportation of more than 205 Africans

August 2, 2001  |  Greece, Turkey

Greece:  Greece: arbitrary arrest, detention and ill-treatment of Roma man

July 13, 2001