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Mexico:  Acts of harassment and intimidation against Mrs Astrid Gómez Pillado and Mr Juan Ignacio Figueroa whose sons were allegedly tortures in custody

November 13, 2012

Mexico:  National and international NGOs urge the SCNJ to protect the rights of victims in the case of Rubio Villegas

August 15, 2012

Mexico:  Open letter: Implementation of the sentences of the IACHR in relation to the cases of Inés Fernández Ortega y Valentina Rosendo Cantú

July 16, 2012

Mexico:  Torture allegations against Mr. Israel Arzate Melendez and harassment against members of his family

June 8, 2012

Mexico:  Joint letter to the Joint parliamentary commission EU- Mexico, 23-24 May 2012, Strasbourg

May 21, 2012

Mexico:  Allegations of torture of Mr. Rogelio Alfonso López_Fear for his safety

May 1, 2012

Mexico:  The new project of the Federal Code of Criminal Procedure leaves the door open to torture

March 26, 2012

Mexico:  Mexico's National Commission of Human Rights must reaffirm the absolute prohibition of torture and ill-treatment

February 23, 2012

Mexico:  Risk of impunity in the case of the students of Ayotzinapa

February 21, 2012

Mexico:  The National Supreme Court has to revoke the jurisprudential doctrine called "procedural immediacy"

February 10, 2012