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Pakistan:  Pakistan: Attempted Rape of a Female Law Student at Karachi University

September 14, 2006  |   Urgent campaigns, Violence against women

Pakistan:  Pakistan: death in detention of Mr. Zafar Iqbal as a result of torture

October 8, 2003

Pakistan:  Pakistan: torture and death in detention of 18-year-old Samuel Sunil

September 22, 2003

Pakistan:  Pakistan: Mr. Anwar Kenneth has been sentenced to death under the blasphemy law

August 5, 2002

Pakistan:  Pakistan: Shakeel Ahmed Shaikh tortured and murdered by law enforcement agencies

November 20, 2000

Pakistan:  Pakistan: sentencing of two brothers for defamation

May 29, 2000

Pakistan:  Palestine Autonomous Areas: sentencing by a special military court and alleged torture

May 23, 2000