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Tunisia:  Social peace threatened

December 13, 2012

Tunisia:  Forced internment and detention of Mr. Mohamed Sedki Hlimi in the psychiatric hospital in Tunis

May 7, 2012

Tunisia:  Violent repression against peaceful protests

April 11, 2012

Human Rights Day: Seizing a historic opportunity to end torture in the Middle East and North Africa - Ten steps against torture

December 9, 2011  |  Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia

Tunisia:  OMCT is gravely concerned for the safety of Mr. Hamma Hammami

January 13, 2011

Tunisia:  Violent repression of social protests

January 13, 2011

Tunisia:  International human rights organisations call for a strong reaction

January 13, 2011

Tunisia:  Sentencing of Mr. Onsi Abichou following an unfair trial

December 23, 2010

Tunisia:  Tunisia: Torture and ill-treatment inflicted upon Mr. Ramzi Romdhani, detained at Mornaguia prison, and Mr. Taoufik Houimd, detained at Messadine prison

December 2, 2010

Tunisia:  Open letter on the occasion of the EU-Tunisia Council of Association

April 29, 2010

Tunisia:  Incommunicado detention and allegations of torture and other forms of ill-treatment of Mr. Ahmed Gharsalli

January 29, 2010

Tunisia:  Slandering Media Campaign against Tunisian Human Rights Defenders and Journalists

December 10, 2009

Tunisia:  The elections are fixed in advance.... !

October 15, 2009

Tunisia:  New cases of brutality at Tunis airport!

October 2, 2009

Tunisia:  Follow-up of case TUN 040909_Sentence to three months suspended prison_Release of Mr. Badil Jazy, Mr. Elyas Sellam and Mr. Sahbi Haouett

September 23, 2009