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Russian Federation:  Russia: open letter to President Putin

December 26, 2001  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Russian Federation

Venezuela:  Venezuela: death threats and harassment of men investigating their sons' deaths

December 20, 2001  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Venezuela

Brazil:  Brazil: threats and ill-treatment of Mr. Samuel Francino Santana Monteiro, detained in the prison known as Dakar III in Pinheiros, State of São Paulo

December 20, 2001  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Brazil

Turkey:  Press release - Turkey: One year after the military raid against prisoners on December 19, 2000

December 19, 2001  |   Monitoring Protection Mechanisms, Violence against women  |  Turkey

Peru:  Peru: continued police harassment of Ms Juana Edelmira Ortega Montes vda. de Aliaga

December 17, 2001  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Peru

Sri Lanka:  Sri Lanka: killing of ten supporters of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC), as a result of parliamentary elections

December 17, 2001  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Sri Lanka

Colombia:  presumed forced disappearance of three persons in Altos de Rosario, Bolivar

December 13, 2001  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Colombia

Greece:  Press Release - Illegal deportation of asylum seekers from Greece to Turkey and fear of further deportation to Iraq

December 7, 2001  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Greece

Colombia:  Colombia: forced disappearance of Robinson Ríos Uribe and José Gregorio Villada near Medellin

December 5, 2001  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Colombia

Israel:  Israel: children victims of Israeli policy in the Palestinian Occupied Territories

December 5, 2001  |   Rights of the Child  |  Israel

Bangladesh:  Bangladesh: arbitrary arrest and detention of writer and journalist, Shaharier Kabir

December 5, 2001  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Bangladesh

Colombia:  Colombia: kidnapping by paramilitaries of Aury Sará Marrugo, President of the Unión Sindical Obrera (USO), section Cartagena.

December 4, 2001  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Colombia

Occupied Palestinian Territory :  Palestine: arbitrary arrest and detention of seven members of the Islamic Jihad movement by the Palestinian National Authority (PNA)

December 4, 2001  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Occupied Palestinian Territory

Saudi Arabia:  Saudi Arabia: release of a mother and her three children

December 4, 2001  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Saudi Arabia

Tanzania:  Tanzania: Ransacking of the offices of an environmental organization

November 30, 2001  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Tanzania