Urgent Interventions

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Uzbekistan:  Uzbekistan: use of statement obtained under torture in a court case

September 10, 2004  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Uzbekistan

Israel:  Israel: incommunicado detention and torture of Mr. Bahij Mohammed Mahmud Bader

September 8, 2004  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Israel

Nepal:  Nepal: Forthcoming release of Mr. S. K. Pradhan

September 7, 2004  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Nepal

Sri Lanka:  Sri Lanka: arrest and torture of Mr. Wijesekara Pathiranage Lionel Weerasinghe

September 7, 2004  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Sri Lanka

Bangladesh:  Bangladesh: Mr. Rafique al-Islam detained in an unknown location

September 6, 2004  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Bangladesh

Colombia: harassment against lawyer Diana Teresa Sierra, and threats against the teacher Lilia Solano.

September 3, 2004  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Colombia

Russian Federation:  The Russian Federation: enforced disappearance of human rights defender in Chechnya

September 3, 2004  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Russian Federation

Malaysia:  Malaysia: acquittal and release of Mr. Anwar Ibrahim

September 3, 2004  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Malaysia

Peru:  Peru: excessive use of the force against farmers in Tacna.

September 2, 2004  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Peru

Colombia:  Colombia: allegations on forced disappearance of indigenous community'members in the Cauca.

September 1, 2004  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Colombia

Brazil:  Brazil: torture under Police custody in São Bernardo do Campo.

August 30, 2004  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Brazil

Bangladesh:  Bangladesh: risk of torture of Mr. Rafique al-Islam

August 30, 2004  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Bangladesh

Sri Lanka:  Sri Lanka: teachers' discrimination against a 11-year old student

August 27, 2004  |   Rights of the Child  |  Sri Lanka

Philippines: Open Letter concerning the killing of a Human Rights defender, Mr Rashid Manahan

August 26, 2004  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Philippines

Morocco:  Torture and summary judgment in the Western Sahara

August 26, 2004  |   Urgent campaigns  |  Morocco