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Burundi:  Ongoing detention of Mr. Gabriel Rufyiri / Harassment against OLUCOME members

December 18, 2006  |   Human Rights Defenders

Burundi:  arbitrary arrest and detention of three journalists

December 8, 2006  |   Urgent campaigns

Burundi:  Burundi: Les ONG dénoncent devant les Nations Unies la pratique de la torture et appellent au changement

November 30, 2006  |   Urgent campaigns

Burundi:  NGOs denounce torture in Burundi before the UN and call for change

November 30, 2006  |   Rights of the Child, Violence against women

Burundi:  Burundi: provisional liberty refused

October 17, 2006  |   Urgent campaigns

Burundi: Wave of arbitrary arrests and judicial proceedings

September 1, 2006  |   Urgent campaigns

Burundi:  Burundi: Repression against Messrs. Déo Hakizimana, Térence Nahimana, Aloys Kabura and Gabriel Rufyiri

August 31, 2006  |   Human Rights Defenders

Burundi:  Burundi: Allegations of ill-treatment and torture of Mr. Alphonse-Marie Kadege

August 7, 2006  |   Urgent campaigns