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Joint Open Letter: GEORGIA/AZERBAIJAN: Abduction of journalist Afgan Mukhtarli

June 7, 2017  |   Human Rights Defenders  |  Azerbaijan, Georgia

Georgia:  Assault of three international election observers from a joint mission of NHC, IPHR and EPDE

October 14, 2016  |   Human Rights Defenders

Georgia:  The right to a fair trial for the Arrested Photo-Journalists in Tbilisi must be respected

July 18, 2011  |   Urgent campaigns

Georgia:  Concern for continued disrespect of the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and use of violence against demonstrators

June 7, 2011  |   Urgent campaigns

Georgia:  Obstacles to freedom of assembly and judicial harassment of seven defenders

April 7, 2011  |   Human Rights Defenders

Georgia:  Life threats against a leading Georgian journalist

February 22, 2010  |   Human Rights Defenders

Georgia:  Police raid of the Inclusive Foundation, a LGBT NGO, and arrest of its leader Mr. Paata Sabelashvili

December 24, 2009  |   Human Rights Defenders

Georgia:  Violations of due process and fear for the safety of Mr. Vakhtang Maisaia

July 22, 2009  |   Urgent campaigns

Georgia:  Acts of harassment against Mr. Arnold Stepanyan

March 30, 2009  |   Human Rights Defenders

Georgia:  Physical and verbal assault against Mr. Saba Tsitsikashvili

September 4, 2008  |   Human Rights Defenders

Georgia:  Georgia must meet its obligations on the rights of the child

June 9, 2008  |   Rights of the Child

Georgia:  Arbitrary detention of Mr. Sabir Makhetiev

May 16, 2008  |   Human Rights Defenders

Georgia:  Excessive use of force against demonstrators by law enforcement officials

November 9, 2007  |   Urgent campaigns

Georgia:  NGOs call on Georgian government to protect children from violence

October 16, 2007  |   Rights of the Child

Georgia:  Arbitrary detention of three members of the

June 14, 2007  |   Human Rights Defenders