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Honduras:  Honduras: Alleged extrajudicial killings_Fear for the safety of the victims' families

November 26, 2010  |   Urgent campaigns

Honduras:  Concerns for the safety and personal integrity of Mr. Edwin Róbelo Espinal, victim of harassment, arrest, ill-treatment and threats.

August 11, 2010  |   Urgent campaigns

Honduras:  Threats against Ms. Mayka Antúnez

August 6, 2010  |   Human Rights Defenders

Honduras:  Alleged extrajudicial killing of Mr. Marco Tulio Amaya, coordinator of the Lawyers Front agains the Coup d'Etat_Risk of impunity

July 27, 2010  |   Urgent campaigns

Honduras:  Death threat against Ms. Gladys Lanza

July 22, 2010  |   Human Rights Defenders

Honduras:  Alleged enforced disappearance: Fear for the safety of Mr. Emil Saúl Suárez and witnessess to the case in Tegucigalpa

July 2, 2010  |   Urgent campaigns

Honduras:  Arson attack on community radio Faluma Bimetu

January 8, 2010  |   Human Rights Defenders