Urgent Interventions

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Israel:  International Women's Day - OMCT letter of support for Palestinian women

March 8, 2002  |   Violence against women

Israel:  Israel: extrajudicial execution of a child by the police

February 12, 2002  |   Rights of the Child

Israel:  Israel: torture and ill-treatment of female prisoners in the Neve Tertze women's prison in Ramle

February 7, 2002  |   Violence against women

Israel:  Palestine Occupied Territories: abduction of a 21-year old Palestinian and the injuring of five other persons by Israeli under-cover agents at a bakery

January 25, 2002  |   Urgent campaigns

Israel:  Israel: Sawsan Abu Turki released on bail

January 18, 2002  |   Violence against women

Israel:  Israel and Palestinian Territory Occupied: house demolitions in Jenin

January 11, 2002  |   Economic, Social and Cultural Rights