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Israel:  Israel : Conscientious objection at stake

December 15, 2003  |   Human Rights Defenders

Israel:  Israel: torture and ill-treatment of child detainees

December 10, 2003  |   Rights of the Child

Israel:  Israel: the continuing impunity of killers of two Israeli citizens

November 20, 2003  |   Urgent campaigns

Israel:  Israel and Palestinian Territory Occupied: denial of access to medical care in Israeli prisons

September 18, 2003  |   Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Israel:  Israel: incommunicado detention of Mr. Yitzhak Paz and Mr. Mattityahu Shvo

September 18, 2003  |   Urgent campaigns

Israel:   'Israël: OMCT condemns the renewal of targeted assassinations in the occupied territories

September 3, 2003  |   Urgent campaigns

Israel: an insufficient number of Palestinian children figure in the recent releases linked to the roadmap peace plan

August 7, 2003  |   Rights of the Child

Israel:  Israel and Palestinian Territory Occupied: construction of the "separation fence"

August 6, 2003  |   Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Israel:  Israel: incommunicado detention, torture and ill treatment of 3 palestinians

July 17, 2003  |   Urgent campaigns

Israel:  'Israel: Violence Against Female Prisoners in Neve Tirza prison in Ramle

July 14, 2003  |   Violence against women

Israel:  Israel: arbitrary arrest and risk to the personal integrity of Mr. Abd al-Nasser Quzmar

July 10, 2003  |   Urgent campaigns

Press release - Israel: High Court rejects request for interim injunction prohibiting policy of assassinations

July 9, 2003  |   Urgent campaigns

Israel:  'Israel: Open letter concerning the use of ill-treatment and torture on Palestinian detainees

June 25, 2003  |   Urgent campaigns

Israel:  Israel: open letter concerning Orders Prohibiting Meeting with Counsel and torture in detention

June 13, 2003  |   Urgent campaigns

Israel:  'Israel: denial of access to necessary medical treatment of Palestinian Human Rights lawyer Daoud Dirawi

May 13, 2003  |   Human Rights Defenders