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Mexico:  Mexico: a soldier arrested and charged with the murder of 2 Centralamerican children

November 12, 2002  |   Urgent campaigns

Mexico:  Mexico:threats and attempted murder on the President of the Comisión Estatal de Derechos Humanos de Chiapas

October 18, 2002  |   Human Rights Defenders

Mexico:  Mexico: hunger strike of 27 political prisoners and various common law convicts

October 10, 2002  |   Urgent campaigns

Mexico:  Mexico: Harassment of Mr Requesens Galnares, a member of A CAT

July 19, 2002  |   Human Rights Defenders

Mexico:  Mexico: military harassment of the Masohá Shucjá and El Limar communities

June 25, 2002  |   Urgent campaigns

Mexico:  Mexico: end of hunger strike by two political prisoners

June 24, 2002  |   Urgent campaigns

Mexico:  Mexico:death threats agaisnt defenders

June 10, 2002  |   Human Rights Defenders

Mexico:  Mexico: threats and harassment against profesor Joaquín Flóres Félix and members of his family in Guerrero State

June 6, 2002  |   Urgent campaigns

Mexico:  Mexico: torture and hunger strike of two detainees

June 5, 2002  |   Urgent campaigns

Mexico:  Mexico: two migrant children killed and three adults wounded by security guard

May 29, 2002  |   Rights of the Child

Mexico:  Mexico: arbitrary arrests, detention and beatings of three members of the same family

May 7, 2002  |   Urgent campaigns

Mexico:  Mexico: harassment, arrest and attacks upon homosexual and transvestite persons

April 29, 2002  |   Urgent campaigns

Mexico:  Mexico: death threats against Bárbara Zamora

March 26, 2002  |   Human Rights Defenders

Mexico:  Mexico: arbitrary arrests and torture of over 50 persons in the state of Chiapas

March 19, 2002  |   Urgent campaigns

Mexico:  Mexico: 17 year-old girl threatened, beaten and sexually abused

March 12, 2002  |   Rights of the Child