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Philippines:  Philippines: Extrajudicial killing of three members of family, including one child

December 21, 2004  |   Rights of the Child, Urgent campaigns

Philippines:  Philippines: summary execution of Mr. Marcelino Beltran

December 17, 2004  |   Human Rights Defenders

Philippines:   Philippines : Alleged arbitrary arrest, ill-treatment and incommunicado detention of ten citizens

November 18, 2004  |   Urgent campaigns

Philippines:  Philippines: summary executions of Mr. Avelino Billiena and Mr. Clemente Calantrava

October 27, 2004  |   Urgent campaigns

Philippines:   Philippines: Members of KARAPATAN and EMJP harassed

October 20, 2004  |   Human Rights Defenders

Philippines:  Philippines: arbitrary arrest, detention and ill-treatment of Mr. Jomar Torreliza

September 23, 2004  |   Urgent campaigns

Philippines: Open Letter concerning the killing of a Human Rights defender, Mr Rashid Manahan

August 26, 2004  |   Human Rights Defenders

Philippines:  Philippines : Human Rights Groups Cry Justice for Slain Davao Human Rights Defender

August 25, 2004  |   Human Rights Defenders

Philippines: aribrary arrest, torture and killing of civilians

August 17, 2004  |   Urgent campaigns

Philippines: abuse of authority by police and military forces.

August 10, 2004  |   Rights of the Child, Urgent campaigns

Philippines: abduction of Mr. Carpit Jimlan in Davao City.

June 29, 2004  |   Urgent campaigns

Philippines:  Philippines: Unlawful killing of two children by the military

May 18, 2004  |   Rights of the Child

Philippines:  Philippines: execution of young political leader, Isaias Manano Jr

May 14, 2004  |   Urgent campaigns

Philippines: Excessive use of force to repress peaceful strike of seafarers

April 13, 2004  |   Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Philippines: extrajudicial execution of Mrs. Juvy Magsino and Mrs. Leima Fortu

February 18, 2004  |   Human Rights Defenders