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Thailand:  Thailand : Fear for the safety of the members of Mae Tao Clinic

October 6, 2003  |   Human Rights Defenders

Thailand:  Thailand: Ammon Suwanachoke confesses to killing Burmese migrant worker

September 16, 2003  |   Violence against women

Thailand:  Thailand: Rape and Murder of Burmese Migrant Worker in Thailand

September 5, 2003  |   Violence against women

Thailand:  Thailand: illegal deportation of Burmese workers

July 3, 2003  |   Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Thailand:  Thailand: arrest, detention and risk of deportation of eleven Burmese activists

July 3, 2003  |   Urgent campaigns

Thailand:  Thailand: anti-drug war leads to mass arrests and extrajudicial killings

February 14, 2003  |   Urgent campaigns