Urgent Interventions

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Uzbekistan:  Uzbekistan: violence against women in prison

August 7, 2003  |   Violence against women

Uzbekistan:  Uzbekistan: torture and unfair trials of over 15 alleged Hizb-Ut-Tahrir members

July 8, 2003  |   Urgent campaigns

Uzbekistan:  Uzbekistan: arrest and detention of journalist Hairulla Ernazarov

July 3, 2003  |   Urgent campaigns

Uzbekistan:  Uzbekistan: torture victim Mr. Arabjon Sultanov requires urgent medical assistance

June 26, 2003  |   Urgent campaigns

Uzbekistan:  Uzbekistan: death in detention of Orif Eshonov

June 2, 2003  |   Urgent campaigns

Uzbekistan:  Uzbekistan: arbitrary arrests and detention of human rights defenders

June 2, 2003  |   Human Rights Defenders

Uzbekistan:  Uzbekistan : Open letter to the President of the Republic Mr. A. Karimov

May 12, 2003  |   Human Rights Defenders

Uzbekistan:  Uzbekistan: arbitrary arrest, torture and suspected unfair trial of Mr. Nabigeon Mirzanov

February 5, 2003  |   Urgent campaigns

Uzbekistan:  Uzbekistan: Acts of intimidation against the chairman of the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan

January 24, 2003  |   Human Rights Defenders

Uzbekistan:  Uzbekistan: new information in the trial of a human rights activist

July 19, 2002  |   Human Rights Defenders

Uzbekistan:  Uzbekistan: Fear of torture

May 30, 2002  |   Human Rights Defenders

Uzbekistan:  'Uzbekistan: Ms Urlayeva arrested and interned in mental institution

February 9, 2002  |   Human Rights Defenders

Uzbekistan:  Uzbekistan: Arbitrary arrests of 20 women demonstrator

January 4, 2002  |   Violence against women

Uzbekistan:  Uzbekistan: a child arbitrary arrested and tortured

January 2, 2002  |   Rights of the Child

Uzbekistan:  Uzbekistán: violence and abuses by Uzbek boarder-guards

November 6, 2001  |   Urgent campaigns