Violence against women

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Greece:  Trafficking legislation must be fully applied to a Nigerian victim

August 7, 2007

Greece:  Risk of deportation of a trafficking victim at risk of being tortured

May 25, 2007

Greece: Update on the case of trafficking and rape victim, Olga B.

April 8, 2004

Greece:  Greece: Athens prosecutor rejects Olga B.'s request to suspend her deportation

December 5, 2003

Greece:  Greece: Once more Ms. Olga B. is not summoned to a hearing on her case

October 14, 2003

Greece:  Greece: Concern over Case of Olga B., Victim of Trafficking and Rape by a Police Officer

July 2, 2003

Press Release: OMCT launches its latest four publications on violence against women in Greece, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, and Zambia

February 5, 2003  |  Greece, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Zambia