Areas of Work

Documenta was founded in February 2010 to respond to the lack of civil society initiatives proposing solutions to the barriers and challenges facing persons deprived of liberty. Their work focuses on ensuring equal access to justice, in particular for persons with psychosocial disabilities and persons deprived of liberty under the criminal justice system. Documenta promotes accountability and access to information within the prison system.

Documenta operates in a variety of ways, from conducting investigations into cases of liberty deprivation to cooperating with other Mexican anti-torture organisations. The organisation also pushes for the implementation of Committee Against Torture (CAT) standards, supports detainees’ rights via legal actions and connects relatives of persons deprived of liberty with one another. A key initiative of Documenta is the Prisons Observatory, an online platform for promoting transparency and ensuring accessibility for persons with disabilities.

Etna 96, Col. Los Alpes, Álvaro Obregón,
CP. 01010, Ciudad de México