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Nothing can replace action on the ground.

The SOS-Torture Network is at the heart of the OMCT and is the currently the most important global network striving to put an end to torture and protect human rights defenders. At the outset, in 1985, it was composed of 48 non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Today, its over 200 members work in over 90 countries all over the world. The members are highly diverse in terms of their size, composition, resources and specific modes of action. What they have in common are their commitment to document cases of torture, help victims, seek justice, advocate legal and policy reforms and protect human rights defenders.

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OMCT actions within the Network follows three principles:

  1. OMCT seeks to respect the originality and action methods of each NGO member in the Network.
  2. It believes that the information received from these organisations reflects the reality on the ground in all its complexity, and integrates the local NGO’s strategic approach and cultural background.
  3. OMCT’s “modus operandi” completes and reinforces action on the ground, without ever trying to replace it.