Safeguard Defenders

Areas of Work

Safeguard Defenders is a human rights NGO mainly working on China and Vietnam. It undertakes and supports local field activities that contribute to the protection of basic rights, promotes the rule of law and enhances the ability of local civil society and human rights defenders in some of the most hostile environments in Asia.

The organisation was launched in 2016 after its parent organisation was persecuted by Chinese authorities. It works with a network of staff and partners across Asia, including teachers, lawyers, local independent media organizations and civil society organisations engaged in the promotion and protection of human rights and the rule of law.

Safeguard Defenders closely documents the Chinese government’s practices of enforced disappearance and torture. The organisation issues rapid assistance to persecuted human rights defenders, provides legal training and supports other civil society organisations via grants and capacity-building. Its legal actions have freed many people from arbitrary detention and led to compensation for victims of torture. Lastly, Safeguard Defenders undertakes issue-based advocacy based on research to complement its advocacy for individual defenders at risk.

Fundacion Safeguard Defenders, Calle Toledo 76, 28005, Madrid, Spain