Alert: 7 people are still imprisoned 1 year after crackdown on human rights in Belarus
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  • 26.1.2021 - After the release of the joint report with CAT Russia on Belarus. Gerald Staberbock, Secretary General of the OMCT was quoted in numerous Russian media outlets like Novye Izvestia, News Times and Kommersant.
  • Reuters 2.2.2021 - Following the release of a report about human rights defenders and NGOs in the context of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Venezuela. Miguel Martin, Head of the OMCT Europe said: "The government is not convincing anyone at international level that all the people with any kind of critical vision or who even give humanitarian aid are destabilizers.”

  • Open Democracy 18.12.2020 - Just between 2018 and 2019, there were 121 attacks and aggressions against human rights defenders and civil society organizations, according to a report compiled by the World Organisation Against Torture, the Apostolic Vicariate for Human Rights of Caracas, the Committee of Relatives of Victims of El Caracazo (Cofavic), and the Center for Defenders and Justice.
  • 27.8.2020 - The torture and ill-treatment appear widespread and endemic," the World Organisation Against Torture together with Belarusian human rights groups wrote in a Monday letter to the U.N. special rapporteur on torture, adding: “The current level of brutality and the scale of the abuse are unprecedented even for Belarus.
  • The Guardian 25.8. 2020 (on Belarus) - In an interview, Gerald Staberock, the secretary general of OMCT, said: “The picture is grim. I think it underlines the systematic and widespread nature [of the abuse]. And we want the UN human rights system to get involved. It’s their task to deal with gross human rights violations and take action.
  • “How Could they do this to my Child?” report on extrajudicial killings of children in the Philippines The Guardian 30.6.2020 - The report by the World Organisation Against Torture warns not only about the growing number of children detained on drugs-related charges, but also the recent targeting of children during the coronavirus lockdown.
  • Rappler 30.6.2020 - In the report "How Could They Do This To My Child?", World Organization Against Torture (OMCT) and the Children’s Legal Rights and Development Center (CLRDC) said the killings are often deliberate and "far from being only 'collateral damage' as callously stated" by government officials.
  • Reuters 8.6.2020 on George Floyd’s killing - Rights groups urge UN to investigate U.S. "police violence"
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