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OMCT E-Bulletin – April-May 2018

During its 63rd Session (23 April – 18 May 2018), theCommittee Against Torture (CAT) considered the State party reports of Norway,Senegal, Belarus, Qatar, Czech Republic and Tajikistan. In accordance withArticle 19 of the Convention Against Torture, every four years State Partiessubmit a report to the CAT on new measures taken to implement the Convention.These reports are reviewed in public sessions, during which the respective Stateparty holds a constructive dialogue with the Committee Members. The day beforethe consideration of the report, NGOs having submitted an alternative reportcan raise their concerns during a private briefing with the CAT. At the end ofeach session, the CAT publishes its « ConcludingObservations », which are specific recommendations for eachreviewed State and issues for them to follow up on within one year. During thissession, the discussions covered a broad range of topics, from the poorconditions in detention and the treatment of migrants, to gender-based violence.

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