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Trafficking and Torture in the context of global migration: OMCT comments to CEDAW´s new General Recommendation

CEDAW Committee Call for Comments: Draft General Recommendation on Trafficking in Women and Girls in the Context of Global Migration

Today, migrant women make up almost half of all migrants worldwide and are migrating more often as individuals than as dependents of other family members.

There is a clear opportunity for this General Recommendation to bring a much-needed perspective on the protection from the widespread risks of torture across migration routes. Torture is one the main root causes for people leaving their home countries and the support and treatment for torture survivors are key to both migration and integration policies when they reach safety. States have proven largely unwilling or incapable to establish minimum protection for those on the move, especially those migrants in transit that cannot be included under the migration or refugee laws of the country they are passing through, leaving them legally helpless.

Read our submission here.

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