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Working for Change, No. 2 A Practical Guide to Preparing Alternative Reports to United Nations Treaty Bodies addressing the Economic, Social and Cultural Root Causes of Torture and Other Forms of Violence

Working together for change This publication is intended to help NGOscombat torture and other forms of violence by providing guidance on thepreparation of alternative reports on the economic, social and cultural rootcauses of torture and violence to UN treaty bodies. The purpose of thesealternative reports is to raise awareness of the economic, social and culturalroot causes of torture and other forms of violence in a national context and,above all, to promote change byinfluencing the Committee’s concluding observations and recommendations to thegovernment. These, in turn, can be powerful tools for national action toimprove respect for human rights. For more information, see OMCT’s economic,social and cultural rights website. If you require further support, or are interestedin working directly with the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT)secretariat on this issue, please contact:OMCT, P.O. Box 21, 1211Geneva 8,Switzerland, tel.: +41 (0)22 8094939,e-mail: Pleasemention “ESCR Alternative Reports”
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