Committee Against Torture (CAT)

42nd session (April-May 2009) Israel english Nicaragua español Philippines english 41st session (November 2008) Kenya english 40th session (May 2008) Indonesia english
Macedonia general part
children and women part
39th session (November 2007) Uzbekistan english
Benin français 38th session (April 2007) Japan eng 37th session (November 2006) Mexico esp, eng Burundi français Tajikstan english 36th session (April 2006) Georgia eng, Georgian Guatemala esp, eng Togo français 35th session (November 2005) Dem. Republic of Congo français France français Nepal english 34th session (May 2005) Albania english Switzerland français 33rd session (November 2004) Greece english 32nd session (April - May 2004) Chile esp, eng 31st session (November 2003) Cambodia english Cameron Colombia english Morocco english 30th session (April - May 2003) Azerbaijan english Moldova english Turkey 29th session (November 2002) Belgium français Spain Venezuela english 28th session (April - May 2002) Uzbekistan english 27th session (Nov. 2001) Indonesia Israel Ukraine Zambia 26th session (April - May 2001) Bolivia Georgia 25th session (Nov. 2000) Armenia Belarus Cameroon Guatemala 24th session (May 2000) China United States of America