Human rights defenders

Fighting for respect for human rights is a high-risk activity, and groups and individuals in more than 80 countries who commit themselves to this struggle are often targeted by State authorities and private groups. Human rights defenders are victims of threats, attacks, arrests, arbitrary detentions and acts of torture. Since its creation, OMCT has been a pioneer in the protection of human rights defenders by denouncing the repression to which they are subjected. In 1997, OMCT established the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders in partnership with the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH). This unique collaboration is based on the complementary approaches of the two organisations and makes full and profitable use of their respective NGO networks. In 2007, OMCT established « Defend the defenders », a sponsorship project with Swiss personalities aiming at mobilising public opinion, the only counterweight to the arbitrary power of States. [Read more…]

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Mexico:  Death Threats against Centro Prodh

September 30, 2016  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Mexico

Iran:  Heavy sentence against human rights defender Nargess Mohammadi must be overturned

September 29, 2016  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Iran

Cambodia:  Environmental activist Ven Vorn's conviction upheld by Court of Appeal

September 29, 2016  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Cambodia

Iran:  Sentencing of journalist Issa Saharkhiz

September 28, 2016  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Iran

Mexico:  REPORT: Arbitrary and illegal detentions - Criminalization: A state policy to hindrance the defense of Human Rights in Mexico

September 27, 2016  |  Reports and Publications  |  Mexico

Kyrgyzstan:  Prominent women human rights defenders at risk following their participation in OSCE meeting

September 26, 2016  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Kyrgyzstan

Egypt:  Conditional release of 4 members of the performance satirical group "Street Children"

September 23, 2016  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Egypt

Egypt:  Egypt’s independent human rights community at risk of complete eradication

September 23, 2016  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Egypt

Cambodia:  Ny Chakrya’s unjust conviction must be overturned

September 23, 2016  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Cambodia


September 23, 2016  |  Events

Mexico:  Comunicado: Denuncian ante la ONU, la política de criminalización de la defensa de derechos humanos en México

September 22, 2016  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Mexico

Honduras:  Informe de Observación Judicial: Bajo Aguán, 4 años después: ¡25 defensores y campesinos absueltos pero el asesinato del abogado Trejo impune!

September 22, 2016  |  Reports and Publications  |  Honduras

Thailand:  Sentencing of Andy Hall to 4 years in prison

September 22, 2016  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Thailand

HRDN Stand 4 Human Rights Defenders Campaign: Featured case: Damián Gallardo

September 21, 2016  |  Urgent Interventions  |  European Union (EU), Mexico

OSCE's HDIM 2016: Side Event: The Post-Soviet Judiciary: a tool for administration of justice or a tool of opression?

September 21, 2016  |  Events  |  Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan