Annual Reports

Annual report 2001

The OMCT celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2001. For its Secretary General, the results are positive: “By intervening rapidly and in a carefully coordinated manner, the World Organisation Against Torture has been able to protect men and women throughout the world, and has sometimes even saved lives. However, its action is not limited to protecting victims, it also aims to prevent torture. Its programmes, which reflect the indivisibility, universality and interdependence of human rights, contribute to reinforcing the international mechanisms for the fight against torture."

Highlights of this report include:

  • The struggle against impunity: two Tunisian ministers and an Israeli ambassador sued by the OMCT

• Conference of the International Labour Organisation (ILO): the OMCT expresses concern about the persecution of trade unionists and the persistence of the worst kinds of child labour

• Durban: the OMCT insists on the link between racism and torture and demands the establishment of an effective monitoring mechanism

• Nigeria: in the wake of the period of dictatorship, 60 Nigerian NGOs and the OMCT meet in Lagos

• Tampere: the OMCT adopts a new programme of action on children, torture and other forms of violence.

Read the full Annual Report 2001 here.