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Annual Reports

Annual report 2002

Eric Sottas, Secretary General of the OMCT, writes: “As we pause to take stock of the past year, a recurrent question arises: does the progress that has been witnessed in certain domains outweigh the regression that has been noted in others? For human rights in the year 2002, it is harder than ever to give an accurate answer to this quandary.

Two major events marked the last twelve months of what can only be described as a pivotal period: the establishment of a criminal justice system that is applicable to all, and an upsurge in the detrimental questioning of systems of protection of fundamental rights.”


  • United Nations Commission on Human Rights: the OMCT heads the NGO coalition for the promotion of the rights of the child
  • Launch of the Final Report of the Tampere Conference
  • Contributions to the work of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child
  • Violence against Women Programme: a three-fold strategy.

Read the full Annual Report 2002 here.


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