Annual Reports

Annual report 2006

The 2006 report includes a message from a the president of the OMCT: “For the implementation of the State Compliance Programme, the year 2006 brought a major contribution in the form of four practical legal guides published in several languages that deal with the international and regional human rights protection procedures (European, Inter-American, African and international human rights systems). These are precious tools for helping victims of torture and their defenders obtain justice via these various procedures. In 2006, the European Union agreed to provide substantial support for the continuation and development of the programme."

  • In 2006, OMCT issued 217 urgent interventions concerning 1,273 individual victims and nine groups in 44 countries.
  • In 2006, greater emphasis was placed on following up urgent appeals with relevant organisations, including members of the SOS-Torture Network, international and regional human rights mechanisms, and the States concerned.
  • The Violence against Women Programme prepared and sent out 25 urgent interventions concerning 91 women and girls in 12 different countries.

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